How do you have sex in a teardrop trailer?

No one has ever asked us this question, but I know that some couples might be wondering about it. Can you keep your relationship or marriage hot and sexy while traveling around in a teardrop trailer? It's tricky, but can be done. I won't go into the personal details, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to get it on while on the road.

1. Keep your humor: Teardrop trailers are small and certain positions might not be possible. Experiment and just laugh it off if an elbow bangs into a wall or you knock your head on a shelf or the ceiling. It's also difficult to stop the "RV Rock". Keep your humor and hang up a sign that says "If this teardrop's rockin', don't come knockin'." Even better: the best teardrop sign I saw read, "If this teardrop's rockin' — run like hell it's an earthquake."

2. Keep it within reach: Certain romantic paraphernalia (condoms, toys, etc.) should be kept in a special (secret) place in the teardrop when the mood strikes. It's not romantic to jump out of the bed and run out to the car to grab the sexy literature.

3. Keep it quiet: Being in the wilderness can bring out the caveman or cave woman in every person, but keep nearby campers in mind and keep the noise down. They, and you, will be less embarrassed.

4. Keep the teardrop clutter free: The right moment can happen at any time and it's also not very romantic to have to shove out lawn chairs, extra blankets, pillows or the pets in order to make some room for the bump and grind. Keep your teardrop bed uncluttered and easily accessible.

5. Keep it clean: It's just easier to let personal hygiene go by the wayside when you are camping, but keeping yourself clean for your partner will not only make the camping trip a little more enjoyable but you might end up getting lucky.


  1. Christina thank you for having the courage to broach this subject In the tight confines of a teardrop intmacy and uges strike very often.Sometimes it will be aukward but it is fun.I agree with all your points.Please makes sure the teardrop is scotched and stabilizers are firm.I can tell you its embarassing to other campers to hear and watch a teardrop bouncing off site.:0 The wife made us change campgrounds.

    1. LOL! Yes, the stabilizers do help a lot. So do curtains. :-)

  2. It's all good. I don't care if the neighbourg have fun for a bit, I just repect his intimacy and go for a walk and he do the same for me