Friday Teardrop Photo

The Sunflower pulled over at the side of Highway 93 near Rogerson, Idaho. My husband just had to get a photo of a thresher cutting grain by the side of the road.

When towing your teardrop trailer, there will be times when you have to pull over suddenly for impromptu photos, fruit stand stops or emergency situations. Pulling over on the side of the road while towing takes a little more finesse and planning than while driving a car.

When pulling over, scan ahead quickly for the best place. You don't want your teardrop tires or axle to hit a curb, large rocks or a ditch. This could damage the teardrop axle. The Sunflower is a few inches wider on each side than my car, so I have to keep an eye on the back mirror to make sure my fiberglass bumpers don't bump anything. Also be sure you have enough length to pull over completely. You don't want a piece of your trailer sticking out into the road.

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