Featured Teardrop: Le Splash

Since I've been in the City of Light for several days now, I'm continuing on with my French teardrop theme and featuring a teardrop trailer by the UK company Camp-Runner. Their Le Splash teardrop trailer is an unusual and sleek design that features a back door and no galley. This very lightweight trailer only weighs 573 lbs and can be towed with a motorcycle or a Smart Car.

The fiberglass Le Splash is being offered as an outdoor sports enthusiast's trailer and contains a mattress, clothes storage, a stargazer window, 3-speed fan and a 220/12V charger/converter. It has a roof rack for surfing or skiing equipment and a front rack to store bicycles.

Camp-Runner offers several lightweight teardrop trailers for the European market including the Alpina by Little Guy and the Mediterane. The Cargo is an open model that's used for transporting sporting goods.

Photos by Camp-Runner