Teardrop Secret Compartments

For such a small trailer, a teardrop can have a lot of secret compartments where you can stash cash, wallets, keys, phones or other items you might not want someone to easily find. In our teardrop trailer we have storage under the mattress where we put extra bedding, pillows, towels, tools, emergency gear, extension cords, bungee cords and a first aid kit. It's a pain in the butt to get to, but that can sometimes be a good thing. It's also not immediately noticeable that the teardrop has such a large space under the bed.

I've also stashed a few belongings under my pillow or inside my pillow case. You can even buy a pillow case with a secret pocket sewn in, like this design from Dormco.com. Of course, it's best to keep your teardrop trailer hiding places a secret, but if you want a few ideas, here are five additional secret compartments in a teardrop trailer that you can turn into a quick hiding place.

1. Hide belongings inside a food container

That can of Pringles on the galley shelf doesn't always have to hold chips. Use empty food containers to store extra cash or coins, your phone or other small items.

2. Build it in

If you're building your own teardrop trailer, construct a small hidden compartment into one of the walls. Teardrop trailer walls are not very thick, but a small compartment with a hidden latch can be just enough for cash, keys or phones. However, keep in mind where you will be traveling with your teardrop. In this funny thread on the TNTTT forum, a note is made that Canada will search trailers and vehicles for hidden compartments that could be utilized for drug smuggling.

3. Sew it in

When I was putting in my new teardrop curtains, I thought their seams would make a great place to hide cash or keys. You can sew additional layers into your curtains and add a secret pocket in the process.

4. Use your clothes' pockets, even if you are not wearing them.

Hide small items inside pockets of clothes that are stored inside your teardrop cabinets or closets.

5. Sorry, this last idea is...well...secret


  1. I use a coffee can for every thing that is in my pockets.I empy my pockets before bed.When camping i wear in sweat pants and when i went to bed my pockets would empty.I got tired of waking up with change stuck to me.Oh some states have laws that make secrete compartment a crime now.

    1. Hi Gary. Great idea for the coffee can. Yes, I wonder what these states consider a "secret" compartment.