Featured Teardrop: SignaTour Campers

The SignaTour Camper reminds me of a pocket knife: small and sleek and just when you think you've found all the tools, another one pops up. These Tampa, Florida teardrop trailers are built to be very lightweight and flexible with a large interior capacity that forgoes the traditional teardrop trailer galley.

You can go both basic or luxury with a SignatTour trailer. Their Sebring trailer is a basic trailer that can be towed by a trike or motorcycle and includes a removable folding tent with a 48" x 84" sleeping area and a foam cushion with a washable cover. Under the tent is a sport trailer with a roof rack that will carry your bike rack or canoe. The Sebring only weighs 295 lbs and costs $4,199. On the more luxurious side, the Venice is five feet wide and includes a front storage box, locking doors, carpeted and wood interior, LED interior and exterior lights and a rear entrance door. The Venice starts at $5,769. SignaTour offers additional rear-entry teardrops like the Biscayne and the off-road Rockledge.

If you still like the idea of having a tent, each of the campers has an optional roof top tent for $1,029 that can be attached to the roof for your guests or children. Other SignaTour options include air conditioning and heat, a side mounted sink and a foldable solar panel.

The company does build a traditional teardrop trailer, the Classic 59 which is a 5x9 trailer that contains a cooktop, microwave, a 24 inch TV with a DVD player, a refrigerator and air conditioning.

Photos by SignaTour Campers

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