Featured Teardrop: Klein Cabine

Fans of Westfalia pop-up campers, take note: Michael Hippenhammer has maybe built the first ever pop-up teardrop trailer that you can actually stand up in. His 9 by 4 foot trailer was built by hand with Douglas fir 2x6 construction and his beautiful work was featured in the photocentric Tiny House Swoon.

Michael named his teardrop the Klein Cabine, which means "little cabin" in German. The trailer contains two six volt golf cart batteries, a 40 amp charger, 110 volt break box and a 300 watt inverter. The trailer has lights, forward storage, a mechanical area, an overhead cabinet in the bed area as well as storage under the bed. The 3-panel bed can be adjusted to become seating area as well.

The 1,140 lb trailer does not have a traditional galley kitchen in the back, but the door can be built out to become a small kitchen or additional storage space. The best part of the trailer is the roof that pops up so you can get dressed standing up.

Michael also said that this trailer is nearly bear proof. Perfect for camping in Yellowstone.

Photos by Michael Hippenhammer

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