Shopping for a Teardrop Trailer?

We recently returned from a teardrop camping trip to Grand Teton and Yellowstone. We met up with our good friends, Nelly and Andres, from southern Florida. They flew in to Jackson Hole to meet us and we brought their tent camping gear with us. They are not teardrop owners, but they did use our neighbor's teardrop trailer when they came with us to Burning Man in 2011. I wanted to get their opinions on teardrop trailers and teardrop camping and if they would ever consider purchasing one:

What do you each think about camping in general?

NELLY: I love camping and the outdoors, but I must say that I can only tolerate tent camping for a few days. After a few days, I definitely miss a warm bed and a bathroom just five feet away!

ANDRES: I LOVE camping. But in small amounts. I love being outdoors, love the dirt, and the smoke of the camp fire. I LOVE starting the small fire around the camp! Love gathering the wood and getting the small flicker of flame going into a raging flame. Love that whole process and the experience and the sensation.

I don't like sleeping in tents. It's uncomfortable and annoying. That's probably the one thing I dislike about the whole experience. I don't tend to sleep well and therefore, over a short period of time, will grow tired of it.

As primarily tent campers, what do you think about teardrop trailers? Would you get one? Why or why not?

NELLY: I loved the experience sleeping in the teardrop at Burning Man. It was cozy, warm and the right size for my husband and I. Not to mention, we are short people! I enjoyed the teardrop’s kitchen while camping at Grand Teton and Yellowstone. The dry goods, plates, utensils and everything we needed for cooking was easily accessible and clutter free! Not to mention, it was a snap to lock it away from the bears at night. Christina’s teardrop can easily be towed by car and is compact. It’s perfectly mobile with little hassle.

If I didn’t have children, I definitely would consider a teardrop. They are so unique and again, small and can be easily transported. However, with kids and pets the teardrop doesn’t make my list. It definitely is the perfect fit for singles or couples on the move.

ANDRES: I would love it! They are comfortable to sleep in and very convenient. However, due to our limited garage space at home, it is difficult to have one. But I think that if we did, we would be going camping a lot more.

What other trailers are you attracted to, if at all?

NELLY: I really like the look of the A-Liner camper and other pop up campers.

ANDRES: I think those campers that can expand into larger areas are very convenient. Again, though, they are less practical for us due to space and storage issues. I think a teardrop would be more feasible for us. We would just need to get a vehicle to pull it.

If you were to have your own trailer, what improvements or options would you want?

NELLY: A hot tub! All kidding seriously, a hot tub. Imagine soaking your feet and body in a nice mini hot tub after a long hike?

ANDRES: I would incorporate solar panels to make sure I have all the power I need to charge my devices. I would also think about making it more practical to store things while driving. The sunflower is nearly the perfect little teardrop for us, all it needs is the solar panels. The article I wrote about mine is at my website.

Where do you like to go camping?

NELLY: We haven’t been camping in Florida in several years. The bugs, heat and rain keep us away from tent camping. We loved camping when we lived out West in Nevada and California. We normally take advantage of camping when we meet up with our friends Christina and Harry and travel to the National Parks. My favorite camping spots were Yosemite, Zion, Grand Teton and Yellowstone.

ANDRES: Anywhere there is nature, life, and something worth photographing and exploring.

Photos by Nelly and Andres Leon


  1. Great information - I really love reading your blogs and not to threajack but seeing your REI Alcove reminded me -- I got one after seeing it on your blog some time ago and LOVE it!! I got two sidewalls and they work great also. You were right - not tall enough to cover the galley but easy to set up for one and high quality.

    A few images of my rig from a flickr set :

  2. Thank you NetDep. I love your photos. Yes, the REI Alcove is a great design that has survived several wind storms without imploding on us. I'm glad you like it.