Friday Teardrop Photo

The Sunflower and our pop-up shower shelter near Mammoth Lakes, California.


  1. Christina,
    Is that a curtain? Do you find you need them?


    1. Hi Todd. That is my first curtain that I made a few years ago out of a fleece pillowcase. It was attached with some sticky velcro that ended up just getting melted. I've since replaced out that curtain with a real set of curtains with a small rod drilled into the door. I will be doing a post next week on new teardrop additions.

      Actually, yes, I really like to have curtains for nighttime privacy when we have the light on and for keeping out the early morning sun. However, with the curtains shown above, we ended up sleeping in way too late because it was pitch black inside.

    2. Thank you! My Fantastic Vent is going to let in a ton of light in my teardrop so I think I won't have that cave effect from curtains, but I will have to figure out a way to add curtains to my teardrop. Thank you for the information!

      Happy Camping.


    3. You bet. I have seen Fantastic Fan covers at various RV stores. These keep out light and keep in heat during the colder months.