Teardrops as Low Maintenance Fun

I was just thinking this weekend that a teardrop trailer is not only a useful way to organize your camping gear and tow your necessary items to your favorite national parks, but it's also a fairly low maintenance toy. We have had higher maintenance toys in the past: sailboats, quads, scooters, and motorcycles. Each of these have had to be repaired, filled with fuel or maintained throughout the winter. Not so with the teardrop.

Of course, teardrop trailers do need some TLC. They need to be periodically cleaned and if you have a sink or refrigerator, these need to be kept in working order. I do spend some money every year getting the ball bearings in the axle repacked and I replace the tires every few years. I spend a whole 15 minutes in late fall taking out the battery and putting it on a trickle charger for the colder months. That's about it.

I do anticipate having to replace the hydraulic lifts on my galley in a few years and getting some repairs done on my front jack. But because my teardrop is so well made, I can save up and pay cash for these repairs when they are needed. However, the more you do maintain your trailer before you hit the road, the more fun you will have with it.

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