What if the weather sucks?

It's true that a teardrop trailer is a fair weather camping trailer. Your living room and kitchen are outside, so you are subject to whatever the weather decides to throw at you. We've been camping in the teardrop for several days in the pouring rain, during thunder and wind storms and when temperatures have plummeted into the teens at night. It's a lot more comfortable than in a tent, but it's not exactly the most fun camping either.

Camping in the Rain from Christina Nellemann on Vimeo.

When the weather turns on us, we've spent our time closed up inside the teardrop playing cards, reading or watching movies on an iPad or laptop. It's not the worst way to spend your time, but you go camping to be in the outdoors. If we are really desperate for some fresh air, we just bundle up and take a walk or hike. Damned be the weather!

However, cooking is another story. It's not fun to cook outside in inclement weather and during a major wind storm in Death Valley a few years ago, we decided to just eat dinner at the local pizza place, even though it cost us nearly double. One of our remedies for bad weather is to pack a camping shelter with wind walls that we erect over the cooking and eating area. This keeps the rain off of us, but still allows us to be outside. We try to keep a good eye on the weather for wherever we're going and we prefer to camp in dryer conditions like the mountains or desert.

When you have a teardrop trailer, you just have to be ready to roll with the punches. Your trailer is simple enough already: hitching up, towing and packing has already been simplified. So, if the weather decides not to cooperate…just go out for a burger.


  1. Last time I was in Death Valley it blew for two days. As I am a real cheap skate I made sandwiches, cold cereal. Years earlier in Death Valley a wind destroyed my tent. Then a few years later I arrived in Death Valley in a wind storm and just didn't feel like trying to nail my tent down in that storm. Turned around and went home. The next year I arrived in my newly built teardrop and when the wind hit I just aimed it into the wind and then helped the tenters nail their tents down.

    1. That bites! Yes, the weather in DV can either be heaven or hell. During our last trip to the valley in the teardrop, all night we heard the flapping of tents. I felt bad for those folks. However, it was interesting to look out the windows at the mountains and see lightning strikes.

  2. Christina. See you on the Playa again this year? I have my ticket bought

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