Featured Teardrop: Drifthouse Campers

I love to see when small companies take the teardrop design and turn it on its head…er…roof. Drifthouse does this with its new Adventure Trailer where you have the choice to stand up and cook inside.

While this is not a typical teardrop trailer, the Drifthouse Adventure is a microlite camper that only comes in at 1,250 lb. Inside is a kitchenette with a sink, faucet and drain, and a Murphy bed that converts to seating with a small folding table.

On the exterior of the camper is a customizable space to store bikes and other outdoor gear. The trailer also has a screened door and windows. The trailer keeps things simple with a rubber floor, roller shades and a pretty pine interior. The Adventure Trailer is also completely solar powered with Goal Zero.

The Drifthouse campers are still in production, but this trailer is being sold for $6,250. If you are interested in purchasing one, you can contact the company at their website.

Photos by Drifthouse

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