Teardrop/Kayak Trip to Burney Falls

Normally our teardrop trailer camping trips consist of hours of hiking or backpacking, so it was so nice to take off last weekend and enjoy a very relaxing couple of days of kayaking and sleeping in.

We went with the Stargazers teardrop to McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park in Northern California and camped in the campground above Lake Britton. We spent the days kayaking on the lake, cooking up really good meals and talking about teardrop trailers.

We also visited the Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park and saw a wide range of plant life, birds, frogs, fish and great views of snow-capped Mount Shasta.

I have heard of two friends in the last week who want to either borrow a teardrop, or are looking for their own trailer to purchase. They are both tired of tent camping and have probably been swayed by some of our trips to take the teardrop route. Can you blame them?

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