Featured Teardrop: My Mini Trailer

One reason that keeps many people from purchasing a brand new teardrop is the cost. Unfortunately, the little trailers have gone up in price over the past few years. Unless you want to build your own, the $6,000 to $12,000 cost for a teardrop can be a deterrent.

If you don't mind keeping it really simple, the My Mini Trailer company offers several options that range from $2,650 to $3,350. Other amenities can be added on for extra cost.

The My Mini Trailer comes in three different models: Carpe Diem Mini, Carpe Diem Woody and the Serenity X.

The Carpe Diem Mini is four feet wide and nearly eight feet long. It has a birch/maple plywood interior and an aluminum skin with a UV resistant vinyl roof. It weighs in at under 1,000 lb. and includes a single door, double windows, carpeted interior, interior LEDs.

The Carpe Diem is a more simple trailer without a cabinet galley. A rear door kitchenette can be added on ($450 extra) that allows for storage or placement of a camping stove or food prep. Additional storage under the bed ($195) and an inside fold down table and cabinet ($50) at the foot of the bed area can also be added.

The Carpe Diem Woody has same features and functionalities as the Mini, but it has a beautiful maple wood finish instead of aluminum. Both the Carpe Diem models are on a trailer which includes a Swivel Jack that folds away in the front.

The Serenity X adds another foot to the width of the trailer, making it a roomy 5x8 feet. The Serenity can have the same fold down kitchenette as the Carpe Diem models and it can be color coordinated to any vehicle.

My Mini Trailer offers several add ons. For an extra $600, a portable AC/heat and dehumidifier unit can be added to the tongue, and for an extra $150 the company will include a spare tire. The trailer can also have a roof rack installed ($250) or an extra side door ($355). The company also offers a folding foam bed that can be converted into a chair or sofa for $235.

I wrote about My Mini Trailer in the #45 issue of Tiny House Magazine. Check out the full article there.

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