3 reasons why teardrop camping is better than backpacking

This summer I've been attempting to segment hike the entire 165 mile Tahoe Rim Trail. Several of the segments require overnight backpacking and we tackled a 24 mile portion over the Labor Day weekend.

While I have some good backpacking gear, somewhat strong legs and lungs and enjoy getting into the backcountry, the entire time I wish I was camping out of my teardrop trailer instead. Beyond the point that a teardrop is eons more comfortable than a backpacking tent, there are a few other reasons the tiny trailer is superior.

1. Efficiency

A backpack is a very efficient way to camp, and while I can't strap my trailer to my back, the teardrop seems to be even more efficient. With the Sunflower, setting up camp really only takes about 10 minutes. Setting up my backpacking tent, air mattress and getting items organized for the night seems to take at least 30 minutes. Not to mention I need to take another 15 minutes to do minor blister surgery on my feet.

2. Less pain

When backpack camping, the constant bending over while cooking, packing, organizing and cleaning takes a big toll on my lower back. The teardrop trailer has a nice, level prepping and cooking space that's just my height and doesn't require me to constantly bend over.

3. Cleanliness and organization

No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to keep anything clean while backpacking. Bits of dirt and debris get into my bed, my clothes are filthy and everything is so close to the dusty ground. While the teardrop does get dirty, you can camp in it for a longer amount of time without having to wash everything.

The same goes for organization. In the trailer, everything has its place and I can find something very quickly. I strive to be very organized with my 60 liter backpack, but things still manage to wander to the bottom of the bag or into a random pocket. 

I probably need a little more practice with backpacking, and I'll continue to head out onto unknown trails with my pack. However, my teardrop will still be my preferred way to get out and see nature.

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