Tiny Yellow Teardrop Summer Tour

The Sunflower will soon be dusted off for some spring camping trips and the Official Tiny Yellow Teardrop Summer Tour. We will be taking off in July to visit Glacier National Park and then I will be continuing the summer adventures with trips around Montana and then down to Colorado Springs for the Tiny House Jamboree.

Held August 5-7, the Tiny House Jamboree will feature tiny houses and trailers, workshops and seminars, food, drink, entertainment and talks by Tiny House Blog owner Kent Griswold, Deek Diedrickson of Relax Shacks, Jay Shafer of Four Lights Houses and Dee Williams of Pad Tiny Houses.

Last year's event attracted over 40,000 people and I'm sure this year will attract even more. The Sunflower might be one of the tiniest things out there.

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