Teardrop Trailer Pots & Pans

For such a small trailer, we tend to have a lot of pots and pans. Like any carrying vessel, they each perform a specific function during our camping trips and while we've looked at downsizing them—they tend to stick around.

We store them all under the countertop of the galley. While this is not the most ideal place to keep them (right next to the battery), this is where they fit. Since the space is so small, they have to be stacked back in the same way each time (like a Russian nesting doll) or they don't fit.

This pot with the two handy lips is for heating and pouring water for coffee or milk for hot chocolate. We also use it to cook veggies, eggs, etc.

This is a mixing and serving bowl used for salads, pasta dishes or mixing batter for breads and pancakes.

This pot with a locking colander lid is perfect for cooking and draining pasta and veggies. We store our measuring cup inside.

Along with our cast iron frying pan, we have a non-stick, non-Teflon pan for cooking sticky things like eggs.

Believe it or not, we have had this lightweight pot for probably 20 years and used to use it for tent camping. It's large and is primarily used for heating up water for dishes and showers. You can tell it's been placed on a campfire.

This smaller pot came with the larger pot above and while we also use it for heating up water, it's the perfect container for using in the popup shower shelter.

I think the main reason we have not gotten rid of one or more of these pots is that it can be difficult to find small enough and light enough pots and pans that will fit our space. Once you have a good pot that does the job, it's hard to give it up.


  1. Christina,
    Have you considered putting your battery in a battery box?
    Having seen a few batteries burst, the box would contain any fluids that would escape if that happened. It would also effectively isolate the battery from your other goods stored in that space.
    I know its heavy but I'm a cast iron fan. I have a fry pan, a griddle, and a lidded pot in my teardrop.

    1. Thanks William. We have thought about it and have seen the great boxes for the hitch platform. However, that's where we keep our ice chest. We don't have enough room in our galley to place the ice chest back there. Do they make battery boxes that would fit inside a small cabinet?

  2. I was thinking about a marine type box like this one. http://www.amazon.com/Attwood-Power-Guard-Battery-Vented/dp/B001O0D6QK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1461113335&sr=8-2&keywords=attwood+standard+battery+box
    They come in two basic sizes to fit batteries of varying sizes. I've had them that will fit a small marine deep cycle battery and most of the department stores like Walmart have the larger size boxes. May find them at auto parts stores too.