How do you sleep in a teardrop trailer?

The main purpose of a teardrop trailer is to have a soft, warm, comfortable place to sleep while in the outdoors. This is the question we are asked the most: How well do you sleep in a teardrop trailer? When it comes to our own experience, the answer is: "Very well, but it takes some time."

What I mean is that sleeping in a teardrop trailer takes some practice. I don't sleep very well the first night out on a trip, but after a few nights, I'm sleeping like a baby. My husband is the same way. The first night we are getting used to being in a more cramped space, figuring out the number of blankets we need for the night temperatures, getting used to campground and nature noises and jockeying for our own space in the trailer.

We each have our own side of the bed. Since my husband is taller, he sleeps on the left hand side of the bed where his feet won't hit the 120V/12V plug that sits on wall down near my side of the bed. He also needs less blankets than I do and I need to have the window on my side cracked open. Once we have these little, picky issues figured out...we're fine for the rest of the trip.

If you want a good night's sleep in a teardrop trailer, practice for a few nights in your driveway or a nearby campground. It will take some time to get used to and you may need to make some adjustments to your typical way of sleeping. Also make sure you have what you need for comfort close by. For us, this means facial tissues, drinking water, eye drops and chapstick.

If you don't get a great night's sleep...teardrops are ideal for after lunch naps.

Photo courtesy of Oregon Trail'R


  1. We have a Little Guy 5 Wide. Some background, I'm 6'3", wife is 5'4", there is a Italian Greyhound and small standard Poodle. The wife want's to sleep in the teardrop a couple of nights, every few weeks. There is something about the small space, fresh air, natures white noise, exercise we get, or the removal of responsibilities of being home but the wife has threatened to sleep in the teardrop even in the garage. I know at that moment it's time for a weekend in the woods.

    1. That's so funny. Yes, teardrops do sometimes feel like a more comfortable version of the fort or hideaway we built as kids. There's no reason why you can't use it as an at-home getaway. :-)