Teardrops for Tailgating

With football season in the U.S. in full swing, on the weekends stadium parking lots are filling up with tailgaters cheering for their favorite teams. To make your tailgate experience even more fun, why not bring your teardrop trailer along? Many tailgaters bring their own trailers or RVs to tailgate events so they can have access to a kitchen, bathroom and even a living room couch with a TV tuned to the game.

A teardrop can have the same amenities without taking up two or three parking spots. If the weather is nice, you can open up the galley and set up a bar with the chips and beer, pull out a few camping chairs and watch the game from the parking lot. If you get tired of the crowds, jump into the bed area and close the doors and curl up with a good book that's not about football.

If you are a mega fan, Little Guy Worldwide allows you to order your fiberglass teardrop trailer with your team's logo and colors.

To thoroughly enjoy your teardrop tailgating experience. Here are a few tips:
1. Check on the rules and get there early: Check with the stadium or university/college to be sure you can bring your trailer and then get there early to get a prime spot near the end of a row where you can make a quick getaway after the game and the tailgate party is over.

2. Don't forget the shelter: I've been to a few games where the weather does not want to cooperate. When you stake out your space, be sure to leave some room to set up an EZ-Up or other pop-up shelter. You can even get a shelter printed with your team name or colors.

3.  Stock your galley: Pack up the teardrop with what others seem to forget. This includes paper towels, garbage bags, bottle openers, toilet paper, aluminum foil, hand wipes and a first aid kit for those rival team altercations.

4. Get ready for the admiration and pack some extra beers: Teardrop trailers at a football game are a novelty, so be ready to give extra tours of your teardrop. Have extra beer and snacks on hand for your admirers.

5. Oh...and go Wolf Pack!

Top photo: The ultimate tailgater teardrop from Big Woody Teardrop Trailers

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