Photos from the Treasure Island Teardrop Gathering

While in the Bay Area, I was able to pop into the Treasure Island teardrop gathering during the Treasure Island Flea Market. Several people I knew were there including Debby and Randy with Monstro (who won the People's Choice Award), Steve with his Tortuga and Stacie Tamaki with her new Glampette.

A limited number of teardrops were allowed to park in this grassy area near the Bliss Dance statue and enjoy the amazing view of San Francisco, the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate. Next year, I'm there!


  1. Very cool post! Thank you for featuring one of our teardrops! (the teardrop behind Smokey the Bear) :)

    1. Thanks Matt. I love your site and designs. I will have to do a future post on your work. :-)

  2. Thank you Christina, we'd love that and feel so honored! :)