How to Teardrop Camp in the Rain

This weekend I went to a teardrop gathering right near my home, albeit just for an afternoon. The reason was that during the event, a large unseasonably cold storm hit our area which made for some wet and cold camping. So, what if you find yourself camping in a teardrop trailer in less-than-dry conditions? Several of my fellow (tough as nails) teardroppers cover up. Here are a few ways that you can protect yourself and your teardrop during inclement weather.

My trailer was not protected by any shelter this time, but having the galley roof raised over the cooking table does provide a little protection from rain, but not wind.

This teardrop has a large shade shelter up as well as a few added walls made from tarps. Having an outdoor rug also helps to keep the wet and mud from creeping into your trailer.

This trailer also has walls with some added windows for keeping and eye out for the sunshine.

An awning is helpful is keeping rain out of the bed area and giving you a dry place to put on warmer clothes or shoes.

This teardrop/standy is completely covered by a shelter. This might be necessary if your trailer leaks in any way.

It sometimes helps to rely on your neighbors for protection. Grouping trailers together, and forming a wall, can help protect from wind and rain.


  1. Enjoyed the photos, nice to see how others setup for cold wet weather.

    1. Thank you Marie. Yes, teardrop camping in cold weather is a challenge. It helps to be prepared for any kind of weather when you are so exposed to the elements in a tiny trailer.