Why Go to a Teardrop Trailer Gathering?

I purchased my first teardrop trailer, a Little Guy Rascal, about a year before going to any teardrop rally or gathering. During my first gathering (the Dam Gathering in Northern California) I met the nicest people you will find anywhere and came to the conclusion that teardroppers are nice because they sleep and eat very well at their various gatherings.

So, if you have a teardrop trailer, or are thinking of buying or building a teardrop trailer, should you go to a gathering? Here are the five reasons why I think it's one of the best things you can go for your teardropping life:

1. Teardrop gatherings are one of the best places to get ideas for your own trailer. It's great to be able to peruse the Web and pull up ideas, but seeing everything in action is the best way to decide what you might want to build or buy. Gatherings are also a great place to see what types of camping gear people bring in their teardrops.

2. FOOD! Nearly every teardrop gathering has one or two potlucks and many of those potlucks are Dutch oven potlucks. I gain at least three pounds at every gathering.

3. You feel like a star. Teardrop gatherings attract a lot of other non-teardroppers. Fellow campground dwellers walk around, peruse the trailers and gush over the cuteness. Soak it up.

4. You find out about new places to go camping. My husband and I were thrilled to learn that Unionville, Nevada is one of the prettiest places in the state. We found this out because of the Twain n' Tears Gathering, organized by TNTTT member nevadatear.

5. The people. Even though you go to gatherings to look at teardrops, you can't help but pick up a couple of friends along the way.

Photo of the IRG by Roy Crisman/Flickr

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