Prepping for Yellowstone

We are leaving on our big teardrop camping trip to Yellowstone in just over a week. Just before a big trip, I will do a thorough search of the teardrop trailer to make sure we have everything on hand before we hit the road. During the process, I'll keep a piece of paper handy for writing down things we need to get or do.  Some of these list items are not what you would normally expect, but turn out to be good teardropping tips.

So far, the list reads like this:

1. Cut two flat pieces of wood to fit in by the propane tank

I'm looking around for some flat wood that we can use to prop up the tires if we happen to be parked on uneven ground. These are especially helpful when leveling the teardrop trailer for sleeping. I want them to tuck nicely away in the galley.

2. Don't forget the extra keys!

We pack two sets of teardrop keys and two sets of car keys. One is always in my pocket or backpack and the other is stashed in the center console of the car. On the teardrop keychain is the door key, the galley key, the key to the hitch lock and the key to our bear-proof ice chest lock.

3. Make room for bedding

Since we are camping with some friends who will be flying into Jackson and sleeping in a tent, we have to bring along their bedding. I am trying to get it all to fit in the storage space underneath the bed. This also includes their pillows and towels.

4. Fill up the garbage bag bag

We have a small nylon bag that holds plastic grocery bags that we hang under our camp table and use for garbage. We have a tendency to forget all about this handy little bag carrier and find ourselves "borrowing" plastic bags from the local grocery store.


  1. I am heading to a National Park that does not have any camping facilities-Mt Rushmore. I am studying the maps and plotting out possible camping sites in the area. Do you make reservations, or do you just find places to stay overnight as you travel?

    1. Hello Jan. If we are heading to a popular park (Yosemite, Yellowstone, etc.) in the summer or fall, we always make reservations. It really stops having to drive around looking for a spot. If we are going to a less visited place like Crater Lake or the Oregon Coast, we will usually wing it since there are campgrounds all over the place. Have you looked at some boondocking possibilities? You can go to to check out their database of dry campspots.

      Have fun! I've always wanted to visit Mt. Rushmore. Maybe you can get a photo of your teardrop with the Presidents.

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  3. I really enjoyed my trip to Mt Rushmore! The teardrop was the perfect place to rest, read, and unwind from a busy day of driving. I love this little traveler!

    1. Hi Jan. Wonderful! I loved the photo of your tear in front of the monument. It looked like a great trip. I should have Yellowstone photos and information up soon.