Ten Best Teardrop Galleys

A few months ago, I was showing my teardrop for the first time to my friend Pedro. He had no idea the trailer had a kitchen in the back, and when I opened up the hatch, he nearly fell over. There is something brilliant and beautiful about a teardrop trailer galley, and they are great examples of smart design and fresh air cooking. This list contains the 10 best teardrop galleys I've run into over the past few years. Many of them are great examples of space-saving ideas, ingenuity, craftsmanship and design.

The Little Guy Silver Shadow is a manufactured, stock teardrop, but their 5x10 model has a really nice galley with a sink and roll-out stove. It's nearly similar in design to my galley with a small drawer and the useful top shelf which keeps cups and other items from flying out while going down the road.

This is a 1947 Kenskill teardrop featured on the Old Trailer.com website. I really love the way the utensils and the paper towels have been integrated into the older cabinets.

This teardrop by Mini Tears is meant to be towed behind a Mini Cooper. The fold-out table, roll-out ice chest holder and rolling cabinet covers give this galley some great details.

Big Woody Campers build some of the most beautiful trailers on the road today and their ultimate teardrop galley contains a double sink, a small fridge and a space for your TV.

This is a simple, but really well organized galley by Camp ADK. This couple's website is one of the first ones I came across while searching for my first teardrop trailer. I really love that they built the galley around the size of a 5 gallon water tank. 

This is a great example of a way to add on extra work space to a galley. Sunset magazine featured this teardrop trailer in an article about glamping.

This is one of my favorite teardrops from the Douglas Keister book, "Teardrops & Tiny Trailers".
It was built by Douglas Hoder.

This galley has always been one of my favorites. The use of tile and color makes it look so different from other teardrops I've seen.  It was built by Melody Lucero with a Desert Teardrop plan.

This Moby1 galley has a place for everything. The design is really smart and well done for such a tiny area.

This is one of my favorite galleys on the TNTTT (Teardrops & Tiny Travel Trailers) forum. It's a Camp-Inn trailer that has been customized for a real camp chef. Check out that copper kettle!


  1. I think my favorite is Picture 5 in "The Many Shades of Teardrop Trailers". I never thought of an oven in a teardrop before that!
    These are great too. So many ideas.

    1. Thanks Trend Family. That trailer was at a gathering I went to in central Nevada. The guy was a great chef and ran his teardrop with a small solar panel.

    2. I don't see an oven.

    3. Most teardrops do not have an oven. They are too small and some don't have the electrical to run an oven. Teardroppers usually tend to cook their food in a Dutch oven. You can make anything in a Dutch oven that you can in a regular oven.

  2. I think I'd like a combo somewhere in-between the Silver Shadow and Moby1. Sink, Roll Out Stove, Cooler Space... check! Loving the dish dividers too.

    1. Thanks pintsizestarter (great name). I really wish I was a cabinet maker. Designing your own galley must be a blast. :-)

  3. Hi Christina,

    I linked your blog in a post on my blog. Hope that's ok. :)
    I'm really enjoying all the photos and info about teardrop trailers. May have to get one for myself some day....

    Rebecca Knabe

    1. Whoops, here's the link:

    2. Thanks Rebecca! I love your photos and humor and will put you in my blogroll.

      There is nothing wrong with a little chic glamping. :-)

  4. These are some pretty nice galleys, but I think these galleys from www.junocustomteardrops.com are beyond beautiful.

    - Rick Model Galley

    - Kathy Model Galley

    - Steve Model Galley

    - Juno 001 Model Galley

    - Richard Model Galley

    Share these with friends!!

  5. Hi Christina,
    Well I did it. I ordered a Teardrop Camper from TCTeardrops in WI. The only sad part is waiting until March of next year to pick it up. My mind is spinning with all the things I want to do to it already. Love your articles. Keep glamping. Dave

    1. Wonderful! Welcome to the teardrop world. That is a long time to wait to get your tear. Maybe you can rent a few in your area to get your feet wet? I would love to hear how the process goes.

    2. I'm reading web sites till I'm blurry eyed getting ideas, thoughts and others ideas. Some good info out there. I appreciate your site. I'll keep you informed.