Teardrop Miscellaneous Box

Most of our camping equipment is inside the teardrop trailer, but we do keep a 14 quart Sterilite box for those "extra" items that don't seem to have a regular home. These are usually items that help us around camp or are things we don't use all the time. The box goes in the back of the car along with our folding camp tablecamp chairs, and our EZ-Up shelter.

The box contains the wind walls for the EZ-Up shelter, a pair of work gloves for doing any dirty work, several stakes for the shelter, some pieces of wood for leveling out our cook table, a tiny wood level for checking the level of our teardrop, an axe for chopping up firewood, a can of Fire Be Gone extinguisher and a small can of WD-40 lubricant.

While the items might seem random, we keep the box near our campsite picnic table and access at least one thing during each camping trip. It helps with the "Honey, where is the...?" questions.


  1. Of all the levels I have used the 3$ bulls eye has worked the best. We have 2 misc. boxes a his and hers as men and women have different must have misc. items.

  2. That's a great idea! What are the different items for you and your lady?