The Sunflower's New Sink Setup

After going to my most recent teardrop trailer gathering, I realized we needed to come up with a different sink setup. The Sunflower does not have a built in sink, but we do use a few portable plastic sinks to do dishes, wash hands and faces, etc. However, whenever we want hot or just warm water, we have to constantly be heating up water on our Coleman stove.

A friend of mine had the brilliant idea to use an air or vacuum pot. It's one of those hot beverage dispensers you see at convenience stores or cafés. They are also used to keep coffee and tea hot at special events. She fills the dispenser with hot water in the morning and has hot to warm water all day long that is dispensed into a plastic sink pan for washing. Brilliant! Why didn't I think of this?

However, I had to have my air pot match the bright, yellow Sunflower. I found a vintage Japanese Peacock brand vacuum dispenser on eBay and snapped it up for less than $10. Not only is it yellow and orange striped, but it has TWO dispensers so I can dispense either two hot or hot/cold or even cold/cold water when I want. To make it even more streamlined, I put the pot with the sinks on a small collapsible table that can also hold our five gallon Aquatainer. This system will most likely be used the most when we don't have access to a picnic table.

We still use our folding table and the galley for cooking and food prep, but having a separate area for "water" will be handy when camping.


  1. Simple and I like simple. You keep adding things to the Sunflower you're going to need a bigger one! :-)

    1. I know! I hesitated on the idea since I don't like to add too much weight or stuff to our camping expeditions. We'll see how it works this weekend on a several day trip.

  2. I had that same idea for a vacuum pot about a year ago, but am still looking for a good & cheap used one. I've never seen a double one like yours though - nice score! (& so perfectly color coordinated too)

  3. I have that exact same dispenser. I have had since about the sixties, as a 'hostess' gift for having one those sales parties. Still intact.