Featured Teardrop: DewDropN

William Warren is a reader of the Tiny Yellow Teardrop blog and sent me some photos of his wonderful build: the DewDropN. During his build, he lurked on a few websites while trying to decide what he wanted to build. He worked on and off for about a year on his trailer and still considers it a work in progresss. He purchased all of his trim, hinges and latches from Grant Whipp of Li'l Bear Tag Alongs.

"There were some frustrations and I stumbled along at times but whenever I hit a problem I would stop and think about it or just sleep on it and do some more research and boom there would be the answer," William said. "Sleeping on a problem is actually very good life advice I think."

Bedding for the Tear has been a journey too.

"We tried 4 inch pads and an air bed which was more comfortable than the pads but it did eventually let us down one night," he added. "So, I finally found a memory foam mattress that fits and it is awesome!"

William has always wanted to build a Benroy teardrop and may take that on as his next project.

Photos courtesy of William Warren


  1. Christina,
    Thanks for featuring our teardrop trailer we were thrilled to see it on your page. I will send you some interior photos as soon as I can get around to it. In the mean time I have been practicing my newest interest, pie iron cooking!


    1. Thanks William! I've seen some great camping recipes with pie iron cooking. They are perfect for teardrop camping since they are small.

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