Do It Yourself RV

If you want to build your own teardrop trailer, check out the website, Do It Yourself RV for some inspiration, step-by-step instructions and examples of how many different handmade teardrops are on the road. Check out Larry's teardrop, made from recycled materials. His guide comes with explanations for each step. For other trailer ideas, do a search for "teardrop trailer" on the site.

Not only does the website have home built teardrop trailers, but it includes small trailer and campers and some great ideas on how to make your own vehicle more camp ready. For example, Joe and Eric of Minnesota wanted to take a break from work and travel the U.S. They outfitted the back of their SUV with a wooden storage area that looks very much like a teardrop galley.

The site also has news and information on how to RV full time, how to back up and tow a trailer, RV gear, fun vintage photos, and modifications to commercial trailers and campers.

Photos courtesy of Do It Yourself RV


  1. Christina, enjoying the blog, as usual. I find that this is the time of year when I start to plan my summer travels in my head. I've decided this year I require incredible star shows at night.
    I ordered something yesterday that I'll report on if it's a hit. My daughter spotted it for me on an amazon special yesterday.

    1. I love this idea! Yes, I would love to see your review on the shower. In fact, I'm writing an article about camp showers for the Tiny House Magazine and your comment came in just in time.

      Star shows are better than any TV program. :-)