Friday Teardrop Photo

Believe it or not, now is the time we have to start purchasing our tickets for Burning Man. We go to the wild event in the desert every year and the Sunflower comes along. This photo is from 2012 when we went with our Stargazers friends. Our camp looks crazy but it was cool and comfortable, and we even had a quesadilla and margarita party for the neighborhood.


  1. Good morning Christina. You know I scour your photos looking for ideas and tricks.
    What is the foot tall white box in the foreground sand?

    1. Hi Greg. It's a little glass solar light. The glass has etchings on it that the light shines out of. It's really pretty. It's a good idea at Burning Man to have camp markers that light up—makes it easier to find your camp at night after coming back from parties and night events. We usually have a few solar lights.