Chick Built How-To Teardrop Videos

My teardrop friend Kay (Kayperkay on the TNTTT) now has her own YouTube channel, called CHICK BUILT,  featuring videos on the various aspects of building teardrop trailers. Kay has experience building, restoring and camping with various teardrops and tiny trailers and she provides some great information about considerations you should keep in mind when building a teardrop trailer. She's also a really funny gal.

1. Why did you decide to start a YouTube channel on building teardrop trailers?

I have seen many YouTube videos for teardrop build but the majority of them are picture galleries with very little explanation, particularly as to the "Why's" (I'm a big "Why?" asker...LOL). I am lucky that I'm engaged to the "Godfather" of teardrops, Mr. Grant Whipp, and he has not only taught me his secrets to building (and I guess you'd have a few secrets after 40+ builds), but he guides me every step of the way without "taking over" or telling me something is impossible.

As the administrator for a Tearjerkers Teardrop Group and a popular Facebook page with well over 4,000 members, I see more and more ladies building or planning a build and thought maybe I could help. I am a visual learner and everything I know about restoring vintage tiny trailers, I learned from Mobitec, The Canned Ham Man and his videos he uploaded to YouTube.  I thought I would do the same to help ladies out with their teardrop build.  

2. Tell us a little about your building/restoration experience?

I have been restoring teardrops and tiny vintage trailers for a few years now and I needed a new challenge. I decided I wanted to build a teardrop trailer and the plan is to build it for one of my BFF's who lives in southern California.

3. What are your future plans for the channel and your builds?

My only hope for the channel is to empower women to tackle things most believe aren't possible.  Women are so creative, we don't need all those special tools to complete a task, we'll just figure out another way to "get 'er done."  These little units are so small that with very little physical help (for the big stuff) we ladies are more than capable of building a safe, cozy and stylish teardrop of our dreams.

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