What do you keep under the teardrop bed?

I've met teardroppers and non-teardroppers who are suprised that we have so much storage space under the teardrop bed. Our bed is set up with two twin mattresses that lift up and there are two plywood panels with finger holes that can be moved to the side. Underneath is about six inches of deep space for us to keep items we only use once in a while. They include emergency items, extra blankets and, of course, the Sunflower lights.

 Under my side of the bed we keep:
  • Emergency blinker lights in case ours fail
  • 12-volt sunflower lights that we string up in the galley
  • Simple mesh hammock in case we see a perfectly spaced pair of trees
  • 25 foot extension cord and a campground 50 amp male to 30 amp female adapter
  • Battery operated tent light for use in our shelter or for tent dwelling guests
  • Folding camp shovel
  • Ziploc bag of First Aid items
  • Ziploc bag of laundry items: clothesline, clothespins and travel packets of Tide
  • Ziploc bag of bungee cords
The black thing in the corner is the inverter for the power.

Under my husband's side of the bed we keep:
  • one extra fleece blanket
  • two extra towels in a plastic bag 

That's it. We actually have room for a lot more stuff, but we don't like getting into this storage space too often. It's a bit of a pain and messes up the bed. We try to keep this space clean and organized and only get into it when we absolutely need to dig out those sunflower lights. 

What do you keep under your teardrop trailer bed?


  1. Hello I've been lurking around a couple of days and reading all of your blog post and looked at some of the others.. Is there anyways you can help me I can't get the Tear drops and tiny trailers to let me register it keeps giving me message saying the email is not longer a current one. Please Help I've been wanting to post on the site so I can start building or looking into getting one.. Thanks so much

    1. Hello Jodie. Sorry this took me a while. Have you contacted the administrators of the TNTTT forum? They do have a Forum Problems section.