What clothes do you carry in the teardrop?

I carry a full set of clothes in my side of the teardrop trailer cupboards at all times. Having all my clothes in the teardrop makes packing much easier, and all I have to do is grab my hiking boots (or I just wear them) and maybe a puffer jacket for colder temps and off we go.

Flip flops for hot weather and public showers. My camp shoes were $5 at a sports store clearance.
 The space for my clothes is very small: about 25 inches wide by 11 inches deep. The vertical space is barely another 11 inches since it slopes down at the back. The cupboard shares space with our two small towels, our toiletries box, and my husband's clothing. His clothing consists of just some sweat pants and a sweater, a couple pairs of underwear and socks, his camp slippers, some shorts and a T-shirt. He's REALLY minimalist, but sometimes lacks items for extreme up or down temperatures.

I keep several pairs of undies, sports bras, socks and a hat in a small sunflower bag.
I also have a swimsuit and a small packable shopping bag that we use for laundry (the strawberry).

Even though I don't like to have a lot of things in the teardrop, I tend to hang on to a lot of clothes. Where we camp tends to have crazy weather, and in one day you could change your clothes two or three times to stay comfortable. However, I'm surprised how much I can fit into a space about 275 square inches.

My outer layers consist of a Sierra Designs rainjacket and a Patagonia fleece.
We are lucky to have a Patagonia outlet where we live.

I think the key might be in the folding, I tightly roll or fold all my items and stack them according to temperature needs. Unfortunately, even during short trips, I will find myself sitting on the teardrop bed, pulling all the clothes out, refolding them and stacking them back in again. I'm pretty bad when it comes to putting clothes back in the cupboard while camping. When rushed, I'll just toss them in and close the door really fast.

Other warm items include a puffy vest that folds into its own bag and some long (very colorful) underwear.

I will store a few items under my pillow. Usually a warm puffer or fleece jacket will go under my pillow, or I'll put socks or hats in the netting above the bed. Having a wide range of clothing that can be used in all situations comes in handy when traveling through various locations.

I have a few items for sleeping including two long sleeved T-shirts and a long, fleece bottom.

Having said that—my teardrop wardrobe won't really take me to a fancy restaurant or a ball. I actually went to the thrift store to shop for my teardrop wardrobe to keep the cost down and I don't carry any "nice" clothes for going out at night. In fact, dressing up means putting on our clean jeans and knocking the dirt off our hiking boots.

Clothing for warm weather includes two tank tops, three T-shirts and two shorts.
I'll sometimes sleep in the gray shorts if it's hot at night.

I only bring one other pair of pants. I'll usually be wearing my hiking pants while traveling,
but my comfy jeans wait for me in the cupboard. These are for "dressing up."


  1. It's fun to have a peek into someone's closet, whether or not you have to move aside while opening the door. :) I agree that your travel wardrobe depends on your destination and travel plans en route. My first foray into teardrop camping--or any camping--was an epic solo trip between Nebraska and South Carolina. Arkansas has a lovely COE campground along the Arkansas River where my "comfy" clothes were à propos to relax there. Moving down I-40 I had to look presentable to tour Graceland for the first time, respecting The King. When I arrived in Asheville, NC, I discovered that one of my favorite singers was going to perform at a gala evening at the performing arts venue and I managed to snag a ticket. So, predictably, my teardrop travel wardrobe has to include some version of an LBD. I kept my wardrobe in my car and grabbed what I needed en route to the showers or whatever was the freshening-up room du jour. This trip was pretty complex and I actually now prefer a single destination, but I still continue to keep my "closet" in the car with a pair of comfy pants and a sweatshirt stashed in the camper. That gives me more room to fill the storage cubbies inside with books, knitting, or whatever evening pastimes I choose. A long way around the block to comment here that I carry 'way too many clothes with me, ha.

    1. Thanks for the insight into your own teardrop wardrobe, ML. Who's your favorite singer? :-)

      I sometimes look at my nice black T-shirt as a LBD. I think if we were to have an opportunity to go to some "fancy" events while camping, I would just grab something from Target or a thrift store for the event. We did find ourselves in Las Vegas one time and I just wore my jeans with flip flops and a black T-shirt to dinner. We still stuck out like Northern Nevada hicks though. :-)

  2. Jeans, flip flops, and a little black T-shirt worn in Vegas purportedly stays there, so I think you were okay. I'm not tall and svelte like you, so I have to bring my finally-found-one-that-fits LBD with me rather than gamble on finding something local. I'm certainly not against wearing whatever and carrying it off with attitude.
    I like lots of different kinds of music, but to hear Ann Hampton Callaway in person again was very nice.