Featured Teardrop: American Teardrop Outbacker

This alien looking teardrop trailer was really just a flash in the pan, but seems to have made a few friends along the way. The American Teardrop Outbacker was only manufactured for one year in 1989 until the Wenatchee, Wash. company went out of business in 1990. However, these trailers seem to retain their look and value over time and keep popping up on the Web.

Shawn Johnson purchased his 350 lb. polyethylene Outbacker from a CBS producer in Hollywood and is taking it across the country on a job search. He's currently in Long Beach, Wash. looking for a home to buy.

"Life on the road with this trailer is fun," Shawn said. "I can't get gas without someone asking about the trailer. I forget sometimes I'm towing it due to it being so light."

Shawn mentioned that he is definitely camping during the wrong time of year, but his job search is taking him into colder areas. He added that his favorite types of camping gear are vintage stoves and lanterns and he is looking forward to adding a Dutch oven to his arsenal of gear.

Laura and Michael Moncur of Starling Travel also purchased an Outbacker to tow with a Toyota Prius on a cross country trip. They have a detailed post on their blog about what it's like to travel with this lightweight teardrop trailer as well as a good video on how to set up camp with an Outbacker.

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