Friday Teardrop Photo

 Using a teardrop trailer as a changing room at Travertine Hot Springs in California.

There have been several times when we have used our teardrop for a changing room. This is usually at hot springs, swimming pools, or parks with lakes or rivers that you can swim in. If we have the teardrop with us, it's so nice to just slip inside and change into or out of swimsuits or dry off with the towels we have in our "closet" and into dry clothes. The curtains on the window offer privacy and we try to keep the bed free of items so we can lie down if we need to.

It's so much easier than trying to wiggle into your suit or clothes in the back seat of a car.


  1. I added stand up changing rooms to both sides of my tear it is much easier to change standing or sitting in the door with your feet on the ground

    1. I love your design rowerwet. Thanks for sharing. Do you have to weigh it down if there's wind?