The Sunflower's New Big Brother

With multiple snowstorms this winter has not been conducive to teardrop trailer camping. However, we have also been spending our time fixing up our latest project. Late last summer we snagged a 13-foot Burro fiberglass trailer on Craigslist. While we love teardrop camping, for several years now we have been looking for a camper where we can cook and sit inside when the weather turns foul.

We looked at everything from the original Dutchman T@B to the inTech Luna, but nothing really spoke to us. We didn't want a bathroom or shower and we didn't need all the amenities, such as a microwave, offered in some newer small campers. I'd been keeping my eye on small fiberglass campers such as the Casita and Scamp for years, but as most of you know, these get snapped up very quickly.

I happened upon the Burro the day it was posted on Craigslist and we took it home that evening. It was built in 1982 and nothing had really been done with it since that year. It was actually in really good shape, but needed some TLC. We appreciate the over 6-feet headroom and the tiny kitchen. We named him el Burrito Wonky Donkey and he has his own Instagram page.

Stay tuned for an upcoming full tour of Wonky Donkey soon.

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