What's on our teardrop trailer interior shelf?

I thought I would do a little video on what we carry on the interior shelf of the bed area in the Sunflower. This area tends to be the most widely used (besides the galley) and holds those little items that we seem to need every time we go camping.

It's also the most difficult area of the trailer to keep organized. Usually after every trip, I have to take everything off the shelf, clean it and re-organize it. It also tends to be a catchall area for everything from dirty tissues to wallets and keys. I think this is the cleanest it's ever been!


  1. Mine always has plenty of change beside everything else. If you don't empty your pocket change it falls out and sticks to your @%$^ while you sleep.

  2. Sounds like a princess and the pea thing.
    But, I admit to having done it myself and that is why that was funny Gary.