Featured Teardrop Trailer: Vintage Overland

The Vintage Overland company in Scottsdale, Ariz. was recently featured in Outside magazine and from their rugged designs you can see why. Each of these stylish teardrop trailers are built by hand by Britton Purser and feature off-road tires, hardwood interiors, solar panels and vintage styling.

Each teardrop weighs about 500 to 600 pounds and three models are available. The Tuco is 4x8 and costs $10,500, The Great Escape is 4x8 with a rear hatch and storage area for $12,500, and the T.E. Lawrence (named after the British adventurer) has extra lighting and a pull out writing desk for $14,500.

Other basic features of the trailers include an oversized door, exterior lights, torsion asle, a rear receiver hitch for bikes or gear, vents and fans, tinted windows and insulation made from re-purposed denim.

You might be wondering about that large logo on the side. Vintage Overland will create a custom graphic for the side of your trailer.

Photos by Vintage Overland


  1. They look beautiful, but are way too expensive for someone like me!! But wow, they do look really cool, if I must say.

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