Teardrop Holiday Giveway Winner!

Thank you to everyone who commented on my post for the chance to receive the Teardrops & Tiny Trailers book and Historic Camping & Teardrop Trailers DVD. The winner of the random drawing was Greg Vinci. Congratulations!

Many readers mentioned wanting to see more posts on teardrop storage ideas and options. Also, some people commented on wanting to see where or how to store more food for longer trips. I plan on having a post and a video covering these soon.

Other people commented on how they like to see other teardrop owners and builders and many more of those are in the works. I also love to see what other teardroppers do with  their small space, and I bow down to builders and their multiple talents. Bravo!


  1. Thanks I look forward too all those future posts as it helps pass the long Connecticut winter.

    1. You bet. If you can send me your address, I will get them out to you.