Rent a Teardrop Trailer on Airbnb

I just got back from the inaugural Airbnb Open in San Francisco and had an amazing time visiting with hosts from all over the world. However, I seemed to be the only host who knew about teardrop trailers and the potential for them to be used as tiny, little guesthouses.

 I'm an avid traveler and have loved every Airbnb place I've stayed in in various locations around the world including Spain, Morocco, Chile, New Orleans, Asheville, San Francisco, Portland and Paris. You get a very unique view of a location when you stay in someone's house, apartment, Airstream or treehouse.

I was curious if any Airbnb hosts had put their teardrop trailers on the home sharing website and there are a few including John and Kellia in North Carolina who tow their 4x8 teardrop to your chosen location or their favorite campsite, Paul in Portland who rents out his rare teardrop with boat, and Romaine who rents out a charming wooden teardrop at his home in Anglet, France.

If you are thinking of building or purchasing a teardrop trailer, take a look at Airbnb to see if there are rentals in your area where you can get a feel for the tiny trailers.

Photos courtesy of Airbnb


  1. Hi there, I am curious how insurance works when renting out your trailer for people who want to tow it. Do they need to purchase additional insurance or is it covered by any type of special insurance you have?

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    2. Thank you annikahagen. Your question comes at a perfect time. I am working on a post about teardrop trailers and insurance and should have that up next week.