Friday Teardrop Photo

Washing my hair while teardrop camping last weekend.

If we're not camping near a shower, I'll sometimes wash up in our dish pans. It seems gross, but I'm fastidious about washing out our pans after washing dishes and body parts. We use these versatile little containers to not only wash dishes, clothes and hair, but to hold dish cloths, pans and our garbage bags in the back of the galley.

If you are going to wash your hair in a dish pan while camping, it does help to have shorter hair.


  1. Looking good, Rapunzel. Love my dishpans. I buy a stack of them at a time and use them at home for all kinds of organization, too. On an unrelated topic (past comment) here is the name of the lint roller that I've found to be superior for a quick touch-up of your bedding. Go ahead and eat those crackers in bed!

  2. Christina, I enjoy your blog so much! I am a teardrop camper wanna be and you share the best info. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much, Sandy. Are you planning on getting a teardrop soon?