Monday, February 9, 2015

100 Routes Across America

100 Routes Across America is a personal blog written and edited by freelance writer and blogger Shannon Entin. Her desire to experience more out of life while dealing with weight issues and a heart condition was the catalyst for starting this blog that features both routes and small town destinations across America. The blog is named after the U.S. Highways numbers 1 to 100.

The blog covers routes in the Eastern, Central and Western sections of the country as well as travel for enrichment and wellness, travel tips, reviews and itineraries. Most of the blog focuses on family travel, but also touches on the out of the way places that are worth visiting during a road trip. For some reason, I'm dying to take the teardrop to Wall Drug in South Dakota.

Photos by Shannon Entin


  1. You haven't really traveled until you've been to Wall Drug. Go for it! The Corn Palace is also something to see. Western South Dakota is lovely with Custer State Park a great feature. The Niobrara River on the South Dakota-Nebraska border offers great tubing and canoeing.
    I need to digress and report back on the battery powered portable shower that I snagged for a good price on Amazon last week. I just put it together (minimal effort required) and it is awesome so far. It puts out a great shower that could easily rinse out one's hair, a performance feature I was most interested in. It comes with a USB cord for charging, yay. We'll see how it holds up during camping season but it seems to be reasonably well made. Threads to screw on parts are made of plastic and that concerns me a bit. We'll see. I think it's worth a try. Watch Amazon to see if they put it on one of their blue light specials or whatever they call them. I think I saved $7.00 or so.

    1. LOL...I love any roadside kitsch-y art or stops.

      Thank you for the information on the portable shower. I had never seen that design before and I'm thinking of getting it for this summer's trips. I'm also working on an upcoming post about various camp showers.