Friday Teardrop Photo

I ran into this photo years ago when I first started researching teardrop trailers. If this doesn't want to make you get one...I don't know what will.

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  1. It was YOUR faircompanies video that made us get one! We had tried tent camping (later in life, I might add) and found the hard, cold ground too hard and cold, even with an air mattress. Especially when said mattress deflates and leaves one's butt on the cold, hard ground. But we loved the outdoors, so what to do? Conventional RV's were expensive to buy, maintain, and drive. (7 mpg? Really?) And most trailers needed a big tow vehicle. Well, you know. Preaching to the choir, here. We saw a teardrop in Sunset magazine and went on a search and found the YouTube video, and that was it! So a year ago, we took delivery of our customized NestEgg teardrop, and we absolutely love it! Still in a bit of a learning curve, so we really appreciate your blog. It has saved us from expensive mistakes and inspired us to hit the road. So thank you, and keep up the good work!