Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Top 10 Teardrop Themes

Why do many teardrop trailers have a theme? Why turn one teardrop into an Area 51 spaceship and another into a Hawaiian Tiki bar? The answer might lie in the history of the teardrop as well as what it represents today — a form of rebellion.

The original teardrop trailers were built at home, rather than by a manufacturer, so the builder had carte blanche on what they could do with their own trailer. This still applies today. With their small size and simple lines, builders can create a themed trailer or even take a plain teardrop, add some creative decor, and turn it into whatever their fantasy might be.

Themes can be reflected in the drapes and bedding, the paint job or exterior siding, the hatch art and the various decor that owners choose. It's also fairly inexpensive to do. If you were to "trick out" a large 5th wheel, that could cost a lot of money. Tricking out a teardrop can be done on a shoestring.

Themed teardrops have a sense of humor as well. It's hard to be serious about a tiny, round trailer bopping down the road. It's even more fun if the tiny, round trailer is painted to look like a toaster or a ladybug. Personally, I knew right away what the theme of my trailer would be. When I saw the yellow and black colors I had to give it a happy sunflower theme that would always make people smile.

What are the top 10 themes I've run into over the years? 


1. Vintage or retro style (Elvis, 1950s, chrome, vintage camping gear)  
2. 1970s (hippie, tie-dye, Bob Marley or psychedelic)
3. Nature (flowers, wood, natural decor and colors)


4. National or regional pride (Union Jack, Switzerland, USA, Confederate South, Australia)
5. Hunting or fishing (Smokey the Bear, vintage fishing gear)


6. Humorous (pirate ship, UFO, submarine)
7. Wine and beer

8. Western themes with cowboy or cowgirl motifs
9. Travel (Route 66, map designs, tropical) 
10. Cartoons or characters (Hello Kitty, Barbie, Sock Monkey, bugs)

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