Monday, January 27, 2014

Tiny Meercat Trailer

While this tiny trailer is not a teardrop, the Little Guy Trailers distributor in San Diego, has done a really amazing job of restoring a vintage 1968-69 Eriba Puck trailer into a stylish and modern camper. The company decided to rename their project and are calling it the Meercat Trailer because of its diminutive size.

The original Eriba Puck trailers were lightweight European trailers built for two people and weighing in around 500-800 lbs. The Meercat is 900 lbs. and only 6-feet tall at the roof, but it luckily has a pop top for taller people. This steel tube framed trailer features a dining area that converts into a queen size bed, a two-burner stove, sink and an ice box, a closet and storage under the seating, a port-a-potty, stylish lighting, and a battery and connections for power and water.

The 100 percent American made trailer is now being built and sold by the San Diego company as a unique, restored design built around the size of the original Eriba.


Photos by Little Guy San Diego

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