Monday, December 7, 2015

Sylvain's Little Guy Shoe Storage Hack

I really love it when owners of manufactured teardrop trailers do their own hacks. Sylvain Rioux (desktoprover on the Little Guy Forums) of Canada sent me a great storage solution for shoes (and other dirty items) that are usually stored on the ground under a teardrop trailer.

JhnR of the Little Guy Forums used a cement mixing tub for his "Sylvain Shoe Hack"

Sylvain screwed two 58 inch aluminum U bars (channels) underneath his trailer that hold two 30 liter Sterlite bins for shoes, tools, cleaning cloths, etc. There is a bin inserted under each side of the trailer while at camp and removed during transit. He used self drilling screws to screw the 1x1 1/8 inch and 1/8 inch thick channels into the underside of his Little Guy Silver Shadow. The channels can be found at various hardware stores or ordered from Online Metals.

Photos by Sylvain Rioux and JhnR


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Sylvain for the idea. I found some channels that are used for thick bathroom mirrors at the orange box store that might just work. :-)

  2. Great! I can't wait to see your new drawers!