Long, Long Honeymoon Meetup in Marrakech

I'm finally back from my long trip to Spain and Morocco. It was a true adventure with lots of tapas and Spanish cider, camel treks, crazy Moroccan drivers and souks, but I'm glad to be back in time for camping season. On our travels through Marrakech we were so lucky (and stunned) to run into fellow campers and travelers, Sean and Kristy Michael of the Long, Long Honeymoon blog and video series.

Sean and Kristy have traveled and camped around the entire country in their Airstream Classic and their video series is one of my favorites on the Web. While their aluminum trailer is much larger and more luxurious than a teardrop trailer, their videos on their love of camping, the outdoors and their helpful tips are entertaining, detailed and beautifully filmed. In fact, it was their videos of Grand Teton that inspired us to stay in the same campground.

Photo courtesy of Sean and Kristy Michael

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