IKEA Hacking for Teardrop Trailers

When shopping around at IKEA, I'm always keeping an eye out for various items that we can use in the teardrop trailer. IKEA sells home items that work in smaller homes and spaces and some of their hardware, bathroom items and storage solutions work great for the tiny trailers.

My own IKEA hack is located in the galley. I wanted some hardware items that could contain our Coleman grill pan and the propane tank hoses—so they wouldn't be loose and fly all over the galley as we were on the road. For the grill pan, IKEA had some hinges in their hardware section. I screwed one end to the back of the galley and the larger end folds down and holds the grill pan.

The other hacking solution uses some IKEA dishtowel hooks. I found these in the kitchen section of the store and thought they were lightweight enough (and large enough) to hold the propane distribution tree and the hoses. We carry two hoses, just in case one fails us. The two dishtowel hooks hold up the tree and the hoses just behind the propane tank. This system keeps everything up and out of the way.

Do you have any IKEA hacks in your teardrop trailer? Sometimes you have to take another look at the functionality of an item—and skew it a bit for the world of teardrops.

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