Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Teardrop Photo

This weekend we are off to San Francisco for some fun and food. We have a tight schedule, but I'm hoping to make it to the Treasure Island Flea Market where there will be some teardrops on display.

This photo was taken at a teardrop gathering last year on Treasure Island by Stacie Tamaki of the Flirty Blog. Treasure Island just might be one of the most beautiful and unusual places to have a teardrop gathering. The island off the Bay Bridge in San Francisco Bay has a great view of the city and you can camp underneath a 40-foot naked statue of a woman named "Bliss Dance." We first saw "Bliss Dance" at Burning Man 2011, but now she has a permanent place on Treasure Island.


  1. The TI Flea Market looks super cool. We will have to put that on our list when we get to Cali.

    1. Hi Jerry and Kim! I was just looking at your business card on my desk. Yes, I think they have it once a year on Treasure Island. What are your California plans?