Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Featured Teardrop: Zyl Vardos Teardrop

On this blog, I am going to regularly feature teardrop designers, builders and manufacturers.

I first saw the Zyl Teardrop on the Tiny House Blog and really loved the style and craftsmanship of this hand built camper. The Zyl Teardrop was designed and built by vardo maker, Abel Zyl, and he will make you a custom teardrop for around $6,400 over the course of a month. The Zyl teardrop is only 625 lbs. and is built with wood with an epoxy and varnish exterior and stainless steel hardware. It is 6x9 feet and has a queen size bed inside as well as LED lighting. The galley has a kitchen with a sink and a carryable greywater tank.

Keep an eye on his website for additional photos

Photos by Abel Zyl and originally posted on the Tiny House Blog


  1. Please see http://www.emmittsteardropadventures.net for my build blog (and some down-time photos.)

    1. Emmitt. Thanks for the link. Your build is coming along beautifully. I love your bird photos.