Monday, June 20, 2016

Five Great Podcasts for a Long Road Trip

While on a long road trip with the teardrop, we love to not only listen to music, but we really get into some podcasts. While we also listen to books, podcasts are great because they contain shorter interviews, bits of information or shows that tend to make the time just fly by. While these are not in any order, these five podcasts are some of my favorites.

The Astonishing Legends Podcast

Even if you are not into news of the weird, the storytelling of these interesting mysteries will get you hooked. While all the episodes are very good, "The Dyatlov Pass" and "Amelia Earheart Vanishes" episodes are exceptionally well done and really delve into the theories behind the stories. Produced by Scott Philbrook and Forrest Burgess, it's become one of my favorites.

Travel with Rick Steves Radio Program

Rick Steves has been bringing travel locations to life for decades and his podcast is one of the best travel podcasts around. He delves not only into travel tips and tricks, but also subjects like local politics, history, architecture and, of course, food.

The Survival Podcast

Experienced campers also have a real sense of self sufficiency. While we might not be out and out preppers, we love to feel that we can take care of ourselves and others if necessary. The Survival Podcast by Jack Spirko is not only about prepping for the bad times, but also how to live your best life. He covers everything from gardening and producing your own food to firearms, hiking, political issues and helpful tips. While Jack claims he's an anarchist, I think he just has a lot of common sense.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Most people know Tim Ferriss from his various books including "The 4-Hour Work Week", but his podcast has some really excellent interviews from top performers including Seth Godin, Edward Norton and Laird Hamilton. His interview with legendary music producer Rick Ruben in a sauna was classic.

GardenFork Radio

You wouldn't think that several guys chatting about gardening and cooking (and a zillion other things) would be interesting, but this delightful and fun show will get you hooked even if you are not interested in gardening. Eric of the GardenFork TV show on YouTube chats with various people about everything under the sun...and dogs.

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