Featured Teardrop: Perkgana

Some teardrop owners or soon-to-be owners are willing to pay a fair amount of money for a custom designed teardrop trailer. With the Perkgana teardrops by designer Mauricio Narvarte of Utah, you won't have to mortgage your house for your teardrop. His beautiful designs start at around $5,690 and Perkgana even has DIY kits available for only $3,890.

The Perkgana teardrops include the 8x5, 1,100 lb. L'escargot and the 7 foot by 48 inch, 550 lb. Hedgehog. L'escargot comes with a full electrical package in the galley and interior, a cargo basket, two doors and a queen mattress. The smaller Hedgehog comes with a single door and window, 14 inch tires and a simple interior. If you need a little more space and clearance, the Hedgehog XC is 60 inches wide and comes with a cargo box, 15 inch tires, a 5 inch foam mattress and LED underbody lights.

The Perkgana DIY kit includes everything you need to build your camper (excluding the Northern Tool trailer). Two models are available (a 48 inch wide body or a 60 inch wide body) and all parts are precut and pilot holes are provided. No cutting or measuring is required and all you need are a few hand tools.

Photos by Perkgana

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  1. So glad you featured Perkgana! I love my L'Escargot! It is classically beautiful, inside and out. People always want to know more about it. Mauricio is a real craftsman and wonderful to work with.